Fall song:
Here are my roots, my roots, my roots.
Here are my roots, my roots, my roots.
Here is my trunk, my trunk, my trunk.
Here is my trunk, my trunk, my trunk.
Here are my branches, my branches, my branches.
Here are my branches, my branches, my branches.
I’m a tree I can’t believe these are my leaves.

Calendar Reminders

October 11: Teacher Work Day
October 14: School Closed

November 27: Teacher Work Day
November 28 & 29: Thanksgiving Break

December 23 – January 3: Winter Break

If you have any questions about any of the information on the Newsletter please contact Mrs. Auburn.

News & Events

Show & Tell:
Show & Tell will be postponed for the Fall, it will resume next year.

Harvest Festival on Thursday, October 31

11 – 15, Parent-Teacher Conferences

Coming Up!

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival
Thursday, October 31, 10:45 am – 12:00 pm
The Harvest Celebration features fun, games and pizza for the children. AHMS is food conscientious, we will provide food for all children, including those with dietary restrictions. Full parent participation is requested, parents will be asked to manage game booths for the children. More info will be sent via email closer to the date. Please do not bring costumes or candy.

Fall in the Garden

“What’s Growing?” Summer crops were coming in full swing in this fall. With tomatoes, mini pumpkins, yellow squash, strawberries and sunflowers (seeds). The children are being exposed to the garden activities, from picking the fruit, to harvesting the seeds off of the Sunflowers. We have also been learning how to wait patiently for the green tomatoes to turn red before picking. We will continue to harvest, so please help yourself to the fruit and vegetables at the parents sign-in desk.


Geography is the study of place and how humans have adapted to all of Earth’s environments. We are reviewing and
teaching the children about land and water, ocean and continents. We will go into more depth of The Continent of North America, where we live followed by learning a song, “Seven Continents” and for the children who know it they will be the song leaders for their friends.

Practical Life Jobs Outside

The exercises of Practical Life provides the foundation for all other activities in the Montessori classroom. We will be learning how to take care of the outside environment during the Fall season. How to sweep with floor and table top brooms, dry the dew off in the morning, set an outside table for snacks, etc.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Set up your appointment. First come first serve.

Fall parent teacher conferences will be held from Monday, November 11-Friday, November 15, 2019.

Maria Montessori discovered the value of practical life activities when she first started her work with children at the Casa dei Bambini. During this time, she observed that young children were interested in activities that they had observed adults engaged in: preparing meals, setting the table, cleaning, sweeping, and so on. Having your child at home participating in these daily activities help your child’s need for disciplined work and their natural desire to learn. It will also help your child become more independent and responsible at home.