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Our family’s time at Auburn’s House will forever be cherished! Auburn and family made sure that our daughter was appropriately challenged, endlessly captivated, and lovingly guided. We wholeheartedly recommend Auburn’s House for any parent who wishes to provide their child with an experience that is enriching and genuine. Having been engaged in Auburn’s expertly applied Montessori curriculum, we feel that our daughter was able to build a strong foundation that has prepared her to navigate the challenges of the world with compassion and confidence. The faculty at Auburn’s House truly took the time to get to know our daughter and developed a tailored way to work with her that allowed her to get the most from her time at school. We can’t say enough good things about the expertise, love, and dedication that we witnessed at Auburn’s House. They will always be a part of our family!

Michael & Krista on July 12, 2022

Since joining Auburn’s House in May of 2021, our son has thrived in this extraordinary learning environment. His teachers have allowed him to blossom, by encouraging him to be his own creator, which has enabled his abilities to shine. The school has done a great job in developing his confidence, focus, and independence. Our experience with AHMS has been exceptional and we look forward to sending our daughter here as well. We are confident that both of our children will have a wonderful education experience due to the caring nature of the staff and fabulous leadership at AHMS.

Jasmine Chan on July 12, 2022

We are a military family, and our child was enrolled at Auburn’s House Montessori for one year. We were absolutely thrilled with the influence it had on him. We could really see the progress he made socially, emotionally, and academically while there. And he enjoyed going there, too. He would often ask when he could go back to school on long weekends or holidays. That is probably partly due to the very welcoming, almost family like atmosphere of the school. Miss Auburn, Joe, and the teachers there really do a great job of paying attention to the individual child and making the parents feel welcome and included. We believe that this helped our son feel like he was in an environment where he could be himself and learn, as it should be according to the Montessori method. In summary, we were delighted with our experience at Auburn’s house Montessori, and so grateful to the staff there for their hard work. We are now committed adherents of the Montessori method. We were incredibly sad that we had to leave Auburn’s house. However, one of the first things we did was search for a new Montessori school at our new location, something that the staff at Auburn’s house were very helpful with as well. We would recommend Auburn’s House to any parent, friend, or family who is searching for an engaging, fun, and positive environment for their child to learn and grow.

Bryce Livingston on October 21, 2019

I cannot express enough how grateful we are to have found Auburn’s House. Our son had been attending a pre-school for two years and was just not thriving. He had a speech delay and was making no real connections and he hated going. At Auburn’s House almost immediately there was a complete 180. We actually noticed significant progress in his speech. He would run into the courtyard excited about going to school. The pride he expressed when showing us his accomplishments was so uplifting. His confidence skyrocketed and everything blossomed from there. A true love of learning was achieved. They took the time to get to know my son as an individual and tailor his education and how they interacted with him accordingly. My only regret is that we did not find this school sooner.

Hillary on August 28, 2019

Dear Auburn’s-house-team, thank you so much for your wonderful service and taking care of our son Johannes so well. It was hard to find a preschool that fit for us, but finding Auburn’s House was the biggest gift. The warm and loving environment is just amazing. We all loved the school so much. I highly recommend this school! Now, we are back in Germany. We are all doing good, but we still miss you guys so much! Sending you warm regards!

Daniela and family on May 31, 2019

Miss Auburn was my preschool teacher and I was thrilled to be able to give my daughter the same amazing experiences I had as a child.  She is amazing with children and has passed down her love of teaching and love of children to her sons.  Our daughter has grown by leaps and bounds for the 2 years she has been there and continues to mature daily.  She amazes us with the things that she has learned while at Auburn’s House.  I could not imagine a better start to our daughter’s education and it gives us comfort to know how happy she is there.  We love the Velasquez family!

Jennifer Jung on March 27, 2019

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    We feel such gratitude and appreciation for the level of nurturing and support our son received as a student of Auburn House Montessori. He arrived with an eagerness to learn, but it was the big bold moments that he focused on. Working along side and learning from Auburn, Joseph, and Alena, our son developed a more expansive joy of learning from the mundane.

    Learning to work quietly, individually, he continues to dive deep into his curiosity and own intelligence coming out to ask questions, to challenge the assumptions, and make his own observations about the world. Even though he was only at the school for a little more than a year, he developed a sense of self, of patience, and inquiry that not only made him academically stronger (doing simple multiplication as a 5 year old), but an active member in the learning process. That is a gift every student deserves, and I feel strongly that Auburn House strives to deliver.

    Jennifer Murphy on July 26, 2017

    Auburn’s House has been one of the absolute highlights of our time on the Monterey Peninsula. My husband and I were both in intense graduate programs, and it was such a weight off our minds to know that our daughter was in good hands, and loved every minute of it! She routinely tried to convince us to let her stay longer – I’m sure she would have lived at Auburn’s House, given the opportunity. The Montessori method, and Auburn’s House in particular, is so unique in that the children learn so much more than academics: they learn everything from social interaction, to theater etiquette (I’ll never forget when my 3-year-old said very properly before singing me a song, “presenting for your enjoyment”), to caring for the world around them, habits for cleanliness and orderliness – and STILL manage to be far ahead of other children their age in the normal school subjects such as math and reading. I loved that my daughter and I both had the same focus in our “school programs” one semester: the environment and conflict resolution.

    During our nearly 2 years at Auburn’s House, we have picked up tips for effective parenting and thoroughly enjoyed the close-knit community of other families and the teachers. The hardest thing to leave behind, for us and our daughter, is this school – we are worried about finding something comparable elsewhere, and it is the only thing that has made her sad about moving. A big thank you to Auburn’s House, we will miss you!

    A. R. R. on May 16, 2017

    I cannot say enough about our wonderful experience at Auburn’s House Montessori School. Without a doubt, the hardest part of leaving Monterey was leaving this school.

    There are many things that set Auburn’s House apart from other school environments, but its true strength lies in the emotional environment the teachers provide by truly respecting and following the needs of each child. Not only did we feel confident in the quality of care our child would receive each day, but we knew his interests would be challenged and nurtured as well. In the 18 months our son attended, we saw his interpersonal communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution skills grow by leaps and bounds. We have no doubt that, despite such a short time spent at Auburn’s House, the school has laid a solid foundation for these skills to last a lifetime. I truly believe that if every child had access to a place like Auburn’s House, and the wonderful people who run it, the world would be a different place. Thank you so much Auburn, Joseph, Alena, and Joe. You will always be special to us.

    Erin H. on February 12, 2017

    We found Auburn’s House after becoming displeased with the large student to teacher ratio of a previous care center our children attended. And although Auburn’s House has a wonderfully small student to teacher ratio, that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of this school. The children truly feel comfortable in this space. They are greeted with a smile and a handshake, both for the purpose of greeting them and to teach them this life skill. “Academic” skills are practiced at Auburn’s House, but what I loved the most for our children was the “life” skills that were just naturally part of the day: decision making, responsibility, confidence (our cling-to-my-leg daughter was singing on stage after 6 months!), politeness, respect for others and their things and for the world around us, the ability to speak in a calm voice, to control emotions, etc. Ms. Auburn and Mr. Joseph were also wonderful role models for us as parents – they both have an amazing ability to handle young children with calmness and respect. Two months after having to leave due to military change of station, our children still remind us, Ms. Alena says “to do your best, don’t rush.” Our kids really respected and loved the school and the teachers. And these teachers sincerely want to see your children grow and blossom- Ms. Auburn has made that her life’s work, and it shows.

    Sarah Hall on August 17, 2016

    My son attended Auburn’s House Montessori for several years and received a great foundation for life-long learning. My son’s attendance was during a time when his High Functioning Autism was undiagnosed. Despite the behavioral challenges that would emerge from time-to-time, my son was treated with respect and appropriate accountability that is often lacking in typical early educational settings. As we aimed to discover his best learning model, my son contributed to his learning at his own pace in a safe place.

Auburn and her team are dedicated to providing the best program for each child and partner with parents to achieve those goals. If one is considering an alternative to their child’s education in an environment that promotes the social skills needed to thrive in a dynamic world, Auburn’s House is an excellent choice.

    Lydia Lurma on April 10, 2013

    It was many, many years ago my daughter attended Auburn’s Montessori School – back then it was Albert Monterey Montessori. And what a great experience it was on so many levels for my daughter and our family. Just thinking about it brings tears of joy to my eyes – Brooke has turned out to be an amazing person and Auburn was a part of her early years of influences. Love you!

    Becky Jones on April 12, 2013

    Auburn and Joe are wonderful and dedicated educators with many years of experience. My daughter attended their preschool for three years and learned so much from them. There is a strong sense of community and a lot of communication between parent and teachers. Auburn really gets to know the children and their strengths. My daughter had a fairly easy time transferring to a public school and she still remembers the fun she had at Auburn’s House. My husband and I are both educators and we looked at several preschools on the peninsula. We both knew that Auburn’s House was the one for our daughter the minute we walked in the door because of the warm and caring atmospher of the place. We highly recommend Auburn’s House Montessori.

    Brandi Kary on March 23, 2013

    We were so lucky to find Auburn’s Montessori. We had the opportunity to watch our child go from a shy quiet individual to one where Auburn was able to entice and encourage her to be confident and to use her words effectively. Not only does Auburn’s Montessori stay true to the Montessori method (whole child development) she also incorporates a theatrical component to encourage kids to act out books and stories.

    She taught kids compassion and thoughtfulness. It was amazing to watch the academic and social growth and having our daughter lecture us on leaving things correctly for a friend. We enjoyed her singing about the continents and have her draw all the continents of the world to form a world map. We loved the small close-knit community that Joe and Auburn Velazquez encouraged within the school. While our daughter has transitioned into public school, we are very grateful that she got the foundation where she loves school and is excited about learning.

    Susana G. on March 22, 2013

    My son began at Auburn’s House as a toddler and left at 6 years old. I couldn’t imagine any better place for him to have spent these foundational years. What he gained there not just academically, but socially and emotionally was incredible. The attention to who he is as an individual made all the difference. I learned many, many lessons about my child and about my family from the loving and experienced eye of Auburn. There is no issue around “turnover” like you find in most other daycares because Auburn and Joe ARE the school; they create this community from their hearts.

    Kathryn Petruccelli on March 21, 2013

    Allyson, our daughter, has attended Auburn’s House Montessori for 2 years. Since being there, she has not only learned the basic curriculum but has expanded into a compassionate, caring, empathetic child that is excited about learning. Allyson is a high energy, spirited child that needs the freedom to express herself and go at her own pace (either fast or slow), Auburn’s House provides that environment. She has been able to grow into a unique individual. The help that Mrs. Auburn and Mr. Joe has provided has taught us, as parents, to appreciate her for who she is.

    The Montessori methodology has helped Allyson develop a fundamental foundation that she can grow and expand on; she has learned respect for her peers and leaders, compassion for learning, confidence and a true belief in herself. She has been empowered to be herself. We have watched her become a self-reliant, strong, self-sufficient, confident child and this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Auburn’s House.

    Bix and Heather Beiderbecke on March 11, 2013

    Love this school!!!! My son attends Auburn’s House Montessori school and I’ve been extremely happy. Miss Auburn is amazing! Mr. Joe is a wonderful support. They both love the kids with all of their hearts. The biggest thing for me is that my son learns a lot and is challenged to go the next level. He looks forward to school every day. He loves his teachers and loves his school friends. I highly recommend Auburn’s House Montessori for your kids!

    Joseph’s Mom on March 7, 2013

    We initially enrolled our daughter so she could benefit from the holistic learning environment that focusses just as much on the social and emotional aspects as the academic side of development. Not only has our daughter become a well rounded preschooler who is now an open, happy, self-confident child with way fewer fears, but academically she has progressed in leaps and bounds! Studies have shown that children enrolled in a Montessori school during the early years show advanced social skills all the way through childhood. I am excited to see the benefits of her time here years from now!

    We were so impressed with Miss Auburn, Mr Joe and the results we’ve seen in our oldest, we even dug into savings to send our youngest, who was dying to start school, and very ready for Auburn’s House. I was astounded at how easily she transitioned. There was no sadness, uncertainness, separation issues, or fear, just sheer joy. Miss Auburn and Mr Joe don’t see a numerical age in a child, but potential. I wish all schools were like this one, and each child got to experience a “Miss Auburn” as their first introduction to school and a formal learning environment. I am sure our country would have a lot of happier children who loved learning and knew what true respect, kindness and helpfulness entailed. This small school is one of the best kept secrets of the Monterey Peninsula and we will sorely miss it when we move!

    Hannah Collado on February 27, 2013

    I am so glad to have discovered Auburn’s House Montessori. My son had started preschool elsewhere, at a large facility, and was struggling. He was only 3 and already, he hated going to school. We were having behavioral problems with him as well, such as hitting and talking back.

    I began researching Montessori programs in the area and found Auburn’s House. Since he switched to this school, 5 months ago, his development has soared. He offers to help clean up around the house, and seems generally happier and more relaxed. He has grown into a sweet, loving little boy in the short time since the switch, it’s almost like he’s a different child. Most of all, he LOVES going to school now, and is developing a love of learning that I hope he keeps for a lifetime.

    I feel so blessed to have found Miss Auburn and Mr. Joe, as they have helped my son so much. They are patient and understanding, and their style of teaching holds true to the Montessori method- fostering independence, confidence, and nurturing the whole child.

    Daniela K. on February 21, 2013

    Military Families

    Auburn’s House is conveniently located between both Military housing in Seaside/Marina and Monterey, La Mesa Housing

    My son Alexander has been a student at Auburn’s House for more than one year now. He started on his 3rd birthday. As a shy guy who had a hard time adjusting to new environments, I was nervous for his first day…but… Alex took to his new school amazingly! I saw growth and changes in him right away. Our extended family and neighbors saw it too. He came out of his shell at Auburn’s House. He has learned to be respectful, to share and play with others and to care about the world around him. It has been amazing to watch the transformation.

    I have also acquired some effective parenting techniques by learning about the Montessori methods used at Alex’s school. Having the teachers at Auburn’s House to talk to about your issues or concerns at home is a great way to grow as a parent. Speaking of parents…the other parents at Auburn’s House are also a wonderful group/family! We have social events, birthdays, and family support between all of us!

    My son will continue his education at Auburn’s House for years to come, and my daughter will start next summer when she is old enough. She can’t wait!

    Amy Tomlinson (Military Parent) on September 15, 2015

    I can not say enough wonderful things about our time at Auburn’s House. My son was there from age 3 to 5 and he flourished in their wonderful, loving environment. Not only did he learn in the traditional sense of the word e.g. learning to read, writing his letters, etc., he became a very compassionate human being who put others feelings at the forefront of his choices. The hardest part about leaving Monterrey was leaving Auburn’s House. I can’t recommend Auburn’s House highly enough.

    Allison O’Rourke (Military Parent) on February 8, 2013

    As an Army wife, I know that military families often have to scramble for quality child care, and so much of the time we do not have desirable options. So I wanted to let you know about a real gem I have found in Seaside. If you are looking for quality, EDUCATIONAL care for your pre-schoolers, I highly recommend Auburns House Montessori School. Run by a loving husband and wife team, Joe and Auburn Velasquez, nurturing, stimulation of the Montessori Method. It is truly the best . My three year old son has been attending for over 4 months now, and he has simply flourished there. Give them a call.

    Tere’ Bracco (Military Parent) on March 24, 2013

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