Let’s Cook!

Tuesday June 5th through Friday June 15th

The theme is to explore various different foods. How they look, feel, taste, but more importantly how do we cook with them. The children will learn measurements and make a recipe book, along with a chief apron. For one day we will have a guest chef to teach us one recipe.

Rhythm & Movement

Monday June 18th through Friday June 29th

Rhythm and movement is essential for children and their development. Children will be exploring the different types of rhythms from different cultures and different parts of the world. For one day, there will be a professional rhythm instructor that will come and have a workshop with the children.

Let’s Work with Clay!

Monday July 9th through Friday July 20th

The children will work with different techniques in clay work. Experiencing the senses of manipulating the clay with their finger tips, as well as the measurement of length and width of a coil of clay. Each child will bring home their own clay creation.

Paint… and more Paint!

Monday July 23rd through Friday August 3rd

The theme is Paint! We will be using all different types of paint with other types of mix media. Each child will be asked to bring an adult white t-shirt from home. We will be tie dyeing the shirts, so we can use them for “paint shirts”. For one day, there will be a local artist that will come in and have a workshop with the children.